Try the Hero Pose

Hello, half hero-half fish. I can’t explain how good Hero Pose feels on my thighs when they are tight from weight training. I could literally stay here all day. It is one of the most intense stretches for the biggest muscles in the body.
The Hero Yoga PoseUsually, I’ll lay flat with my arms overhead but I added a touch of Fish because recently I’ve been travelling lots of long-haul and stuck on my devices working constantly during the flights. My posture has suffered.

The Hero Pose

This pose opens my chest and generates so much space in an area which for most of us, is contracted. The BEST counter pose for when we are constantly looking down at our phones.
That type of heavy energy is very downward, depressing and will get you ‘down in the dumps’. The way we constantly look down at our devices is rapidly transforming our bodies; we are a totally different human to even just 10 years ago! It’s like having my 6 yr old niece sat on my neck constantly and although I adore her, it wouldn’t be great for my spine.
This pose helps me realign my body and correct my posture. Good posture should have ears directly above the shoulders and shoulder blades back and down. This lowers body stress and decreases cortisol. Poor posture, on the other hand, stresses the spine and can lead to early wear, tear, degeneration, and maybe surgery.

Emotionally, if you’re feeling vulnerable or have any heartache this helps to release you from that. Opening the heart this way builds courage and confidence 💋 . Try it and get back to your true essence. When you dwell in your Innermost Self Mirror-Calls happen.

The true you is truly beautiful, wise and serene.

Written by our founder, Kelly.

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