Teaching Holistic Classes in Prisons

Panacea Project

TEACH // Teaching holistic classes in prisons and other high-risk areas is not a completely new concept. However, we must proceed with caution. Teaching in this environment requires specific training & expertise.
Panacea Project
For those who have the passion and emotional grit, there is an increasing demand for teachers who are appropriately qualified to bring more mindful approaches into hard to reach areas of the population.

Areas of low economic output, populations who are underserved and/or traumatised to include the incarcerated and young people’s homes, are some of the areas we need to look at serving better.

It is in the Panacea Project®, we learn a recognised, proven blueprint and trauma-informed approach to adapting a unique fusion of holistic mechanisms set out in a specific step by step process, to be used in prisons, schools, detention centres, community centres and beyond.

We explore this specific project, which includes acupressure technique’s and neuroscience to name but a few of the methods, alongside scientific evidence of what’s effective with this population.

We also cover how to work within the unique socio-cultural of these environments, gender-specific issues, and how to establish yourself as a Panacea Project® practitioner with ongoing support to build your own classes & personal brand.

Through the Panacea Project® teaching methodology, we discover how to effectively and rapidly provide students with tools & resources for true healing & recovery. We also give ourselves the wonderful gift of deepening our own personal practice and serving others in a way you have never done before.

Yoga teachers of all disciplines are invited to apply. This course is recommended by the Yoga Alliance and will count towards 40 hours CE time for current members.

Delivered by yours truly, as a teacher of over 12 years my signature style is emphasised on becoming more aware of the true Self to improve wellbeing and effectiveness to serve others. An advocate of social change I will continue to provide adequate support & peace to those who need it the most irrespective of privileges, background or finances. Join the movement! Our next course starts soon, email guru@trueyou.guru for more details.

Written by our founder, Kelly.

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