Pioneers of the Panacea Project

The Panacea Project

Power & magic reveal themselves when you live with purpose and answer your call(ing).

From a bold idea only months ago, an idea to serve and help others on a grand global scale, an idea that made me question, ‘hang on a minute…shouldn’t ALL manKIND have adequate respect, adequate support, adequate care with adequate shelter, healthy food and water? It’s 2017 ffs why hasn’t this been organised already?!’

The Panacea Project

The Panacea ProjectThis group right here are pioneers for social change. They work within hard to reach areas for both children and adults. They stand for the fair treatment of everyone on this planet. They are providing much-needed resources for everyone irrespective of background, privileges or financial situation.

These are the very first practitioners for the #PanaceaProject but they are more than practitioners, they are more than teachers, they are more than their physical bodies. They are the bridge and yoke that binds the teachings on the yoga mat to the way we interact and and create our world off the yoga mat. They care and genuinely want to help others. It’s never about them. They get the bigger picture ūüĆü

From schools, care homes, prisons, probation and right back into the community we work to prevent, to intervene and integrate back into the community with our teachings for healing and real reform. For some of our students, this is the first time ever they have had hope, someone care, someone show them another way to cope with their past pitfalls, trauma and abuse.

“…are you earnest? Seize this very minute; what you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Written by our founder  Kelly 

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