Say Yes Now

Say Yes Now


So, when I did my supplement collection this is where it went.

Thank you to everyone who contributed much-needed nutrition for the children at Ramana’s Garden, Rishikesh. Every child that comes through Ramana’s gate has a story most of us would find hard to hear. Others are here because they would be at risk of either being murdered, forced into prostitution, child labour, begging, starvation or total neglect if they weren’t here. For

Say Yes NowFor me, a child who has seen their drunken abusive father or mother-in-law pour kerosene over their mother and burn her, is at risk in that house. A child who suffers severe malnutrition because their abusive father drinks all the food money leaving the family to starve is at risk.

And look, they still have beaming smiles irrespective of all of that. Each and every child inspires me, teaches me a lesson and has a piece of my heart forever.

For anyone who wanted to help in any way but couldn’t get supplements to me before I left for India show your support in whatever way you can

Written by our founder Kelly 

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