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The Power True You Guru

POWER // “is a very misunderstood thing. Images of dictators and wall street tycoons might come into your mind. Dominance, might, and greed go hand in hand with power, but only power that is driven by the lower chakras. Power that emanates from the higher chakras allows you to uplift and lead. It allows you to overcome all obstacles, and to soothe a heart with just a touch or a glance. True power is not about putting anyone down, but about bringing everyone up. That is why spiritual avatars have always been and will always be more powerful agents of change than cruel dictators. The Power True You Guru
That is how Gandhi led a non-violent revolution that freed his country from outside influence, not by brute strength, but the power and grace of his Radiant Body and his peaceful words. True power is to be able to speak of a better world and have your words pass into reality. Think Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Joan of Arc. That’s the kind of power that the mantra Ajai Alai, once mastered, gives you.
Power doesn’t have to play out on a grand and global scale. Your own divine power (that indeed doesn’t come from you at all, but flows to you from the source of all things) is what allows you to wake up the morning after your life’s greatest tragedy and feed your children. And it is a power within you that lets you listen to someone chatting on about how happy they are when truly they are suffering deeply, hear the words behind their words, and reach out and squeeze their hand. When you are connected to and sensitive to the great Being, being on this earth becomes smoother.
The mantra Ajai Alai was written by the Warrior Saint (and poet) Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. He lived in a time of tremendous oppression and led his followers out of virtual slavery into safety and security. He taught self-worth and grace. He sang songs of tremendous gratitude to the Divine. Ajai Alai is a part of the daily prayer called Jaap Sahib, and this particular mantra is like a laundry list of the Divine’s awesome qualities. It shifts your own vibration by bringing you into alignment with the qualities of the Divine and activating them to turn on inside of you.” – Ramesh Kaur 💓

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