This is your platform to the world

Your wisdom of the world

Your wisdom of the worldTRUTH // this is your platform to the world.

Arouse that goddess within, the one you know has always been there, residing quietly. Let her lift her head as you guide her up the thousand-petaled lotus of your spine. Lift her head to unlimited potential, the divine feminine Shakti energy is all loving, nurturing and kind. The future is female. This world needs her more than ever. Wake her up!

Today is a special day as we finish our very first practitioner training for the Panacea Project® a journey for teachers that has not been easy. An experience they’ve had to go through themselves, something more than a training course, more than studying. They have fundamentally transformed; honoured that goddess and truth within.
Be empowered and empower others. Be interesting and interested in serving others. Peace by peace, you can heal the world.
Now, our practitioners are ready to shine in the darkest of corners, the areas most hard to reach and they will be brilliant

Everyone around them will have no other option than to shine. It’s contagious. It’s love.

Currently looking for more teachers who would like to join our worldwide movement. We start our next cycle next week. Email to be the first to know about our next course.

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