Why I Do What I Do

Panacea Project
Panacea Project

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PURPOSE // Why I do what I do…
During our Panacea Project® classes, which often take place in a prison environment, we regularly discuss showing more compassion with participants giving themselves love, time and gratitude. ⠀

We support and invite participants to be honest about coping mechanisms which they’ve used in the past. They validate and recognise this behaviour in order to find new healthier ways to cope and truly heal.⠀

One of HMP Residents shared her previous ways to cope:⠀

“Injecting crack and heroin. It affected me physically to the point I gave myself blood clots in my legs. Ended up with DVT and septicaemia. Contracted Hep C and endured 48 weeks of harsh chemo type treatment. Drugs made me lose myself, I was lost. I lost my freedom. I lost my family.” Thanks to the Panacea Project® she is now finding new ways to cope.

Written by Our Founder.

(Image from Unsplash)

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