Rewiring in India

Rewiring in India


As I sit in the back of my tuk-tuk and look in amazement at this electrical system giving power and life to the streets of Delhi I can’t help think of the dangers that could occur. Probably have occurred already and will most likely occur again.

Rewiring in India
In the craziness of this road in the heart of the city, the noise, dirt and seemingly the dangers, I hone in with a quiet alertness on these wires. Complete mindfulness. I have a fixation on it. I’m in awe, actually. The ‘dangers’ I previously saw all around me have melted away but I stay restfully alert. Unwittingly I’ve put myself into a trance-like state of deep relaxation. I feel calm. I feel no stress.

After a month in India with a strong sadhana (daily spiritual practice), this reaction I have is a positive effect of meditation on the brain. When we train our brain to go into deep meditation we feel changes (for the better) in white matter that connects the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) part of the brain to other structures in the brain. Like rewiring a house to allow more powerful appliances to be plugged in.

The ACC is part of a network of brain regions involved in regulating our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Simply put, after learning how to meditate correctly, the integrity and efficiency of the connections with the ACC (a major player in our ability to regulate our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions) improve massively.

Most of us meditate these days, we have great apps in the palm of our hands that help us, but with that said are we going deep enough? I’m interested to find out if anyone is meditating regularly and getting deep enough to feel the true benefits that last and show up for you like it did for me on this fun tuk-tuk ride. If not, would people benefit from some regular meditation classes in the Leeds area this next 3 months?  I’m interested in helping people get rewired. Comment below 👇🏻

Written by our founder Kelly

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