How do we find our proper path in life?

Start with Soul Searching

If you are like me, you have asked yourself this question many times throughout the years. It is scary to walk through dark uncharted territory or what some refer to as “the unknown”. Because of this fear, we stick to the safer roads that have plenty of street lights. But what if the other direction is the way towards our purpose?

Perhaps what we need is a flashlight or a guide that helps to lead the way. What most of us don’t realise, is that we do have this tool. It is called intuition or inner voice. The problem is that we tend to ignore it and just carry on, but pretending it doesn’t exist only makes it become louder and more prominent.

Society has placed within us preconceived notions about the life we are supposed to live and the dreams we are supposed to chase. We follow safe routes, acceptable careers, more money, stability and comfort zones because that is what we believe is right. We buy homes we can’t afford and accumulate unnecessary materials through added debt just to try to buy a happiness that has no price tag.

But what happens when it isn’t enough?  What happens when you have that knot in your stomach? When you just know things aren’t right? When you are miserable and unfulfilled regardless of these accumulations? What happens when you no longer recognise yourself? You may even begin to develop anxiety, sleeplessness and emotional distress. These are all by-products of ignoring that inner voice.

You can try your best to muffle the sound but the vibrations will just intensify. You begin to panic about the “what ifs” and how can I change myself at this point? Maybe your age or lifestyle keeps you from moving forward. So how can we begin to alter our current path? What can you do to change things? Well first decide that you can and will begin now regardless of your circumstances. Not tomorrow or next week but now!

Start with Soul SearchingStart with soul searching.

Be brutally honest with yourself and decide which areas of your life need drastic changes and which ones just need some polishing. Some ways to accomplish this task is with a journal. Start keeping daily logs of your thoughts and activities. Keep a tally on triggers that cause the severe emotional shifts. What about your day leaves you feeling unfulfilled? What do you wish you could do instead? What are the things that feed your soul and which things are consuming you?

Another helpful tool is meditation and spiritual practice. You can try various meditation techniques from sitting meditations, mantra meditations and visualizations. Breathing exercises can help to slowly quiet anxiety and racing thoughts so you can focus. You will need to try various meditations to see which type works best for you. Spiritual practice and daily rituals are also very beneficial to personal development. If you are religious, try to start getting more involved in your congregational community. Attend services, volunteer and pray. If you aren’t following a specific denomination, try a spiritual or philosophical tradition. This can be accomplished through a more new age type of venture that focuses on happiness, compassion and light. Some examples are Buddhism, Kabbalah and reading various books on self- help and empowerment.

Exercising is also a great addition to the mix. If you want to start with something more mindful and less strenuous, you can try beginners yoga, slow paced bicycling or nice long walks outside.

Lastly and most importantly, be kind to yourself and others. Start each morning being grateful for the life you have, the beauty that surrounds you and the people you love. Implementing these new changes will not magically work overnight but I promise that with daily practice you will begin to see the benefits. I strongly implore you to live a life you want to live and not one that just looks good on paper. It will take courage and persistence but the outcome will make it all worth it. I am here with you on this journey. 

Mindy GanzWritten by Mindy Ganz

Mindy’s Bio:

Mindy is a certified practitioner in life coaching, spiritual counselling and hypnosis. She holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science and graduated Summa Cum Laude.  She is also a registered ordained minister for Long Island, NY and the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Mindy is a writer and a poet who recently began to share her work with the world. She is a former upper-level management executive turned stay at home mom. After working many years in a rat race style career that left her unfulfilled and stressed, she had the surprise of her life when she found out she was expecting a baby girl. Since then, her focus shifted and she decided to take time off from her previous life and focus on her family and her true passions.


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