Hypnotic Affirmations

Hypnosis Affirmations

Hypnotic Affirmations – a daily dose of what’s good for you. A fresh, nutritious shake for our minds made up of healthy thoughts and positive focused attention.

You get out what you put in -it’s something we all intuitively understand. Our diet for example, when we fill our bodies with glorious healthy food that nourishes, we look and feel better.

Hypnosis AffirmationsIn a similar way – good quality thoughts can help create a good quality life. 

Positive affirmations are helpful positive words and phrases said out loud, written down or listened to on a regular basis that, over time, can change the way we think about ourselves, other people and our world in beneficial ways. 

Our natural self-talk (that voice inside our heads giving a running commentary on our life) says a lot about us, it is at the heart of our strengths and capabilities as well as our fears and anxiety. Positive self-talk allows for a positive frame of mind, which in turn, guides us unconsciously into creating the life we all deserve. Negative self-talk can keep us stuck where we don’t want to be.

The words we use to describe ourselves have power, they lay the foundation for what we believe we can and cannot achieve, Just consider your own thinking patterns for a moment.  Do you regularly say to yourself: – ‘I’m Fantastic’,  ‘I’m clever’, ‘I’m attractive’, ‘I’m fun!’ ‘I can deal with anything’

Lucky for some, they naturally speak words and hold beliefs that affirm a positive life experience. They can match challenge with determination, face adversity and bounce back stronger, they enjoy supportive and loving relationships, and have bounds of confidence and strong self-esteem, and live life with peace of mind and contented spirits.

But we’re not all this lucky, in fact many of us think the daily equivalent of junk thoughts, a barrage of criticism that we’d most likely not aim at our worst enemy; – ‘I’m so stupid’, ‘I’m so ugly,’ ‘I’m so pathetic,’ ‘I just can’t cope.’

We may not phrase it quite like above but these examples of negative affirmations are too common and sadly, many of us are well practiced and repeating these daily. Over time these can poison our emotions, dull motivation and fill us to the brim with self-doubt. 

But all is not lost, we can consciously make a decision to improve our self-talk and one way to do this is with Positive Affirmations.

With practice we can begin reprograming our unconscious mind from focusing on negative dead-ends towards positive possibilities. Gradually as these become your new thoughts and desires they can start to become a reality in your life. With the added benefits of hypnotic affirmations you can start practising straight away.

‘Affirmations to start the day’ is my gift to you. The aim is to help you start the day as you wish to proceed – with a mind full of good quality thoughts and healthy positive intentions

Or, if you prefer listen to the audio without the video.

You can make use of these whenever you need a pick-me-up but for real benefit try listening every morning for 30 days.   

Positive affirmations are not a magic pill, or a short cut to all you may desire, like anything worthwhile, some effort is needed but as these affirmations gradually become new thoughts, feelings and desires they really can start to become a reality in our lives.

At first you may find Positive Affirmations seem big-headed or just untrue. A healthy scepticism is encouraged but please be open-minded too, open to the possibilities they offer for self-empowerment, otherwise these affirmations will just remain statements rather than the wonderful new beliefs you hold.

And really what’s to lose? Only your old negative, limiting beliefs and cruel critical self-talk. 

Written by Bethany Pike.

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