OSHO // I’m not religious. I don’t believe in a duality of some entity we must bow down to and fear. The only fear I have is that of my own power, the oneness of spirituality teaches me this.
As does my name’s sakeOsho which was given to me, Sukh Shanti Kaur; my most powerful potential and yet my biggest challenge.

And so, the oneness of spirit delivers me a book as a gift. Literally. It arrives through my letterbox this week. Clearly something I need to read and now I cannot put it down.
The seed of understanding is our own search for that truth within, not external to us. It’s our own human experience that develops our individual path of travelling to our innermost self.
When an idea/belief starts establishing itself it starts destroying the rebellious ones such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu…once the rebels are out of the way then the establishment is free to impose its own ideas once more. It can easily select what it should keep and what it chooses to leave out. Hardly the whole truth but their version of the truth and often a polluted message.

To know Jesus or Buddha is to meditate and to meditate is to know yourself.

“Jesus was not a revolutionary of this world. He was a revolutionary, a master revolutionary – but of his inner world”

Written by our Founder, Kelly.

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