Your Own Sound is an Ancient Healing Tool

Your own sound is a natural healing tool

Airy fairy yoga is pleasant and trippy hippies are all good. I’m a fan of it all but careful not to fall into the clich√© trap of becoming a spiritual caricature of oneself.

There is a real life, three-dimensional aspect that constantly reminds me of what true spirituality is. I need substance and depth for anything to align with my own logic. My version of spirituality is the high tech, yogic science that brings us closer to ourselves as we strive to figure out what life is all about. What we are all about. How we should go about…and keeping our cool in the process.

Take our 3 long vowel basic sounds, for example. A, I, U. The Sufi singers called them the ‘universal harmonic constants’ and understood how these elongated vowel sounds oxygenated the body, deepened the breath and relaxed the muscles (Rumi was also one of the great Sufi poets, he too understood the healing power of words and sound).

Your own sound is a natural healing toolHealing Tools

Our very own voice has so much potential for healing. There is nothing more healing than using our own sound in the right way. How many of you already make these tones when:-

  • AAHHH upper body (chest/heart/headache)
  • OOOOO mid body (stomach/digestion)
  • UUHHH lower body (elimination/birth)

These sounds create a vibration to naturally soothe that area. Your soul already knows this because you already do this.

So, imagine your vast potential if you’re already doing that sub consciously. How powerful and intuitive your own body can be if you were to build on those harmonics. This is how I teach mantra in class, on our retreats and in our online group coaching programs. We release stress, repressed emotions, build strength, stamina, and give our vital organs a massage with some high vibrational sound currents.

THAT is where yoga meets real life shit and THAT is where science and spirituality become one.

Know yourself, love yourself, heal yourself.

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Word by our founder Kelly

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