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Spiritual Babies True You GuruSPIRITUAL BABIES // Our future, our legacies, the ones who will take care of the earth after us.

0-2 years old is the transition time between the state of the womb to the state of the world. Baby Arthur is following the rhythm and natural characteristics of his mother, who is the most important person during his first two years. She is the one who is putting him on the path to a well‐grounded foundation. What a gift you gave to your child at the weekend, Han 💓

Arthur is my youngest recruit to date and participated strongly in our meditations because he innocently followed the natural rhythm of what was around him; love, peace, serenity without judgement, thought or feeling like he might look a bit silly.
The baby’s character at this age, personality and perceptiveness are developed during the first 2 years of age. Therefore this is an ideal time to support their growth and create a bond of security between the maternal power of the Kundalini and the world that the baby is growing up in.

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung: this meditation is the ultimate healing tool for ourselves and all those around us. In light of recent events not just in the UK but the world at large I invite all of you to try a bit of this into your daily routine.

Written by our founder Kelly Be.

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