Our Founder - Kelly

Nov 2014

Kelly travelled the world with her modelling career from a young age giving her a unique independence for someone so young. She started her first business at the age 16.

Always very academic she balanced her studies, sports clubs & competing in athletics alongside her modelling career and a fledgeling business.

Later, graduating with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Business & Property Management she pursued her career in real estate. It didn’t take long before Kelly realised craved more; she followed her heart and ever growing desire in natural health and wellbeing.

A dedicated educator & student of health Kelly has been a yoga teacher, nutritional therapist and ayurvedic practitioner for over 10 years. Healing her own ailments from a young age, when modern medicine and countless operations could not, has fueled her passion for nurturing others in the same way.

She is a qualified NLP practitioner and specialises in trance hypnotherapy.

Kelly, founder of True You is at her happiest when she continues to help others flourish in business, love and life. She motivates and inspires people to be the best possible version of themselves.

True You provides holistic health & wealth coaching for businesses and individuals to help them discover their purpose and highest potential. It is a place where gurus from around the world can come together and pool their resources, sharing what’s in their heads and their hearts with people who are interested and interesting. It is the one stop, known authority, globally, for everything health and wellbeing.

Join our #TrueYouTribe and your path will be revealed.