Food for my face


Crème de pistache soufflé and crème brulee. No, I’m not in my favourite Parisian patisserie I’m in Laure Mercier. Philosophy sells a vanilla birthday cake gift set that includes bubble bath. Fresh Sugar’s line of lip balms, inspired by founder, Lez Glazman, who used sugar to keep his childhood scrapes from becoming infected, now has seven shades. Dairyface focus on the food content so much that their beauty products must be kept in the fridge.

These days you could be forgiven for confusing a cosmetics counter with a candy store. The sweet smells of our lotions and potions make them good enough to eat!

For some brands, they are doing exactly that; marketing what is calls ‘food’ or ‘plant based’ products like, cooling cucumber eye gel or pomegranate pigmented lipstick. ‘Just as food which you eat nourishes your body on the inside, we use the same food to nourish the skin on the outside.’ Says Susie Wang, founder of 100% Pure.

Pure is a brand I came across in LA recently that offers a delicious cocoa bean scrub, made from coffee and chocolate; two of my biggest loves. Miss Wang said her co-workers have been known to dunk pretzels in the scrub and eat it, with one employee sprinkling the exfoliator on ice cream!

Dr Peter Matravers, Vice President, Product Development for the vegan company, Arbonne states that their success is down to the botanically based skincare range which is pure, safe and beneficial to all. Some of these products are actually food grade and safe to ingest, not just use topically. Arbonne’s CALM range for sensitive skin is full of chamomile, cucumber, aloe, liquorice and mallow. Now that’s pure! A personal tip of mine would be to not allow anything to touch your skin that you wouldn’t be prepared to put into your mouth. Your skin is your biggest organ, your 3rd lung so make sure it’s not getting blocked and poisoned by toxins.

Regardless of whether you decide to take a snack break during your beauty routine, some psychologists say smearing sweet substances on our body makes us less likely to eat them. ‘Substituting scents for actual food can be a good alternative to binging on them.’ Says Amanda Baton, Psychologist & Nutritionist. ‘Chocolate flavoured scents can induce some of the same responses in the brain which can result in feeling pleasure similar to that we get from eating them.’ Knowing my own penchant for devouring chocolate I’m not totally convinced about this; you’d be sure to find me gnawing my own arm off after I had beautified my body.

Nevertheless, there’s hope for our chocolate addictions and waistlines yet, ladies!

It’s certainly refreshing to see more ‘cleaner’ brands out there that are using plant based products to appeal to their ever growing health conscious clientele. It seems we are all finally waking up to the harmful effects of chemicals in our daily products and prefer to use a more natural alternative.

I’m sure you care about a cleaner you. By now, I’ve given you some pretty awesome products to think about and as an Arbonne ambassador, we are pleased to be able to offer all our readers an incredible offer to tantalise your taste buds. Get 20% off all botanical based Arbonne products! Use ID code 440016433 when prompted at under ‘join’ to redeem your discount.

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