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My son was born 3 months ago, at home and drug free. Exactly the way I had planned. That’s not to say I didn’t have my share of complications, but never the less I was proud of how he finally made his entrance into this world. My yoga practice had a lot to do with that.

Practising throughout my pregnancy allowed me to connect on a deeper level to my growing boy. It helped me to become a mother. I learnt to surrender my body, accept my new limitations and embrace the ever changing body of gestation.

Pregnancy is a time to let go, nurture yourself and prepare for the life changing journey that awaits. It inevitably comes with challenges, but staying in tune with yourself and your baby through yoga really can help to overcome many of the potential difficulties.

I birthed using the hypno-birthing method, which my pranayama and meditation practice fitted perfectly with. Meditation had taught me to relax and not bring my mind into an experience. Without judgement of what sensations are happening in the body, you surrender more deeply and just allow the intensive new energies to move through you. This was key during my labour.

Lots of breathing exercises allowed me to hold my focus through every surge. When you don’t know what is coming next, all you can do is be present.

Giving birth was the most challenging yet the most incredible experience of my life. Many people liken the physical aspects to a marathon and mine was certainly beyond even that. I was grateful that my regular practice had helped me to build strength and maintain flexibility which meant I was able to hold positions for longer when I needed to.

My baby made his final descent to a room full of my family and midwives chanting Om. The sound vibrations helped me to focus my energies down into my base chakra and breath him down and out. A yogi baba was born.

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